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Dublin is a long way from Broadstairs in Kent, so we may very well never meet. If we were to do so, I would bet that I could show you some of my prints in glazed frames which you could not say were FB or RC. I am a member of a group of very experienced professionals and exhibit with them regularly - I fool them every time. My choice of RC or FB depends mainly on the factors I described in a previous post - the level of professional pride I invest in my work is constant and not dependent on the base of my printing paper!

I suppose if you "hide" RC prints behind glass, it might be a bit more difficult, but in the clear, unfiltered light of day the differences are blazingly obvious -- at least if the FB prints are good. Good RC vs. poor FB is no contest; but in good against good, FB will win out hands down every time.

I wish Kent were closer -- I'd bet you a fish and chips I could tell the difference! )