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As for aqua regia I am well aquainted with that stuff. Very nasty stuff. Thats whey it is kept in glass bottles with glass stoppers to make sure the fumes done eat the caps of other containers. You're right I don't want to mess with it without a good hood. One better than a cardboard one that I can jerry rigg here. Oh well I just trade in the scrap for more sheet.

On the subject of aqua regia there was an article in one of the early issues of Post-Factory Photography a few years ago on how to make gold chloride from gold metal and aqua regia. The article resulted in a rather animated exchange between the editor of the magazine, Judy Seigel, and Dick Sullivan of Bostick and Sullivan. There are apparently some real hazards associated with the use of aqua regia and unless one knows a lot about safe laboratory practice with hazardous materials my recommendation is to stay away from it.