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The driving is a nightmare incidentally, scarcely any road signs.

Presumably you've read that the food's bad. Beers decent. Don't touch the wine. Drink bottled water.

A great place, enjoy it.
Absolutley - never midn the scarcely any road signs (and maps that show roads planed in the 80's and never built...) but no lights at night - either in towns or out and on manyother vehicles, bicycles and bullock carts.. it's fun getting stopped by the Cuban Police late at night in the back streets of a little town you are trying to navigate around by means of the stars - mind you they wee so taken back by the driver being heavily pregnant aussie who spoke catalan accented spanish that they decided the best thing was to jump in their jeep and show us the way .

Oh and one of the better things - not too many Jan Kees