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What other dilutions of Pyrocat HD has anyone tested/used apart from 1:1:100, 2:2:100 and 1:2:100? Specifically for SBRs >11 has anyone tried a dilution of 1:1:200 or 500?

I have used Pyrocat-HD with stand development of roll film at a dilution of 2:2:500. And the results were really great for adjacency effect and enhanced sharpness. However, I could not get stand developement to work with sheet film in trays.

For an SBR of 11 stand development would be ideal if you can make it work with sheet film. But I would suggest trying this in a tank rather than tray.

On the other end of the scale I know quite a number of pt/pd printers who are using Pyrocat-HD at dilutions of 2:4:100 and 4:4:100. These dilutions give a slight bump in CI over the 2:2:100 dilution.