True. You can't ensure anything will last, but the fact is that we do know that SOME processes last longer than others. My concern is more with all the new stuff that is out there.

As a consumer, if I see something that says "silver gelatin" I know I can expect a certain life-expectancy. But now we have Digital Platinum Glicee', Iris, LightJet, etc.

And many of the new digital processes claim an INSANELY long life. I have heard 200+ YEARS.

Meanwhile the Pt/Pd people say things like "well, if the paper is 100% acid-free, and things go well, expect 100 years...."

Something is not adding up. If things are truthfully labeled, then people can make an informed choice.

That said, people need to learn a bit about WHAT they are buying. Amazingly I have seen people plunk down hundreds of dollars for an inkjet print that came off an Epson printer. That is insane. It won't last very long, and quite honestly the picture itself sucked (it was very hoaky...)