Hello to all
Newbie to site. Not quite sure where this will post so bare with me till I gets my futtin!
Anyhoo I should mention my photographic interests which are; B&W anything from
Ernie Brooks' N infinity underwater tmx Mf (gates w/ 903 superwide), to ULF pyro/azo/amidol. Occasional u/w chrome w/nikonos rs system. Lately a dabble with digital B&W output on 2200 various methods ie. Barry Thornton's. Don't really see what the fuss is about. Having seen examples @Brooks Institute I feel a great digital print will always look like... a great digital print.
So now that I have traced the proverbial line in the sand I look forward to what I am sure is going to be a very engageing exchange.
Aloha and Mahalo to all