I just acquired, by being willing to wrestle with a full-sized enlarger in the rain, a Durst S45, which is apparently a 138 sold for use with an electron microscope. (Biosci threw it out with a sign on it in Polish reading 'trash'; luckily it was too big to get into the trash compactor)

Regrettably, it's missing the condensers and the negative holder. I can fake the latter (probably), but I'd like to ask whether I need the condenser, or if I can get away with putting a sheet of opal glass into one of the drawers, and plugging the light-leaks? The front-surface mirror needs cleaning, but isn't pitted, and while there is some overall rust, the movements are all clean. Came complete with column, stand, and almost everything. I may yet have a use for that 7 inch Ektanon.