I'm not saying the supply of anything is diminishing. But what is happening is, the computer industry is creating this new demand. The computer industry needs this celuloid to make expensive flat screen monitors. One piece of celuloid allows a monitor to be made that will sell for several hundred dollars. That same celuloid can be used to create a piece of film that will sell for a buck fifty. If you were the manufacturer of this celuloid, which customer would you rather have? They can surely charge the monitor manfacturers more for their celuloid because of the insuing profit margin.

When the price of gas goes up substancially, due to an extended oil crises or whatever, does the price fall back down to where it was before the "crisis" ...no. Maybe a small portion of the origional price increase will be reduced, but as with all things, the bottom line is what counts. And as long as people are out there that will pay $100 for a box of film, you can be sure that is what the manufacturers will be charging.
I'm not saying boycott or stop buying film, or even reduce consumtion. Just throwing this topic out for discussion. Me? I was attracted to the relativly modest price of Efke film, and was thrilled when the product met my needs as far as quality was concerned. And Efke is still cheaper than Ilford and Bergger, it's just that the price hike has taken some of the "fun" out of using Efke.