I'm curious to hear about Hasselblad's 120mm Makro lens. I've read the other posts that discuss the lens, including the ones on photo.net and others, but I've yet to hear anything convincing, so I'm hoping someone here can give me the advice I need.

Here's my situation: I only have one lens, the normal 80mm, and have been using a 2X converter and an extension tube (16mm) to get close up shots (the converter for things that are too far away to get close to, I always prefer the tube if I have a choice).

I'm considering saving up for the macro lens but I'd like to hear some opinions. It is important to note that I'm really not doing macro photography, but more of close-ups (which I consider different but others might look at as being the same!) An example is the sunflower in my gallery- that's the closest I want to get. I'm really not interested in photographing the super tiny things, like individual petals, I'm more interested in relatively simple photographs; the swan photograph in my gallery is another good example of the sort of style I'm interested in right now. However, that photograph was taken without a tube or converter.

Here are my concerns/questions; the maximum size I print is about 7x7 inches; will I really see better picture quality by using a dedicated macro lens? Does the macro lens have better depth of field, or is it just the same as an 80mm lens with 40mm of extension? How about the depth of the photograph? The lens is supposed to be optimized for photographing flat objects right? So is there going to be a loss of depth in the photograph?

I realize the lens is expensive; but I've settled on this sort of "simple" style and will probably be sticking with it for a few years or so; however, I do also like to take snapshots and larger scale photographs (like landscapes) just for memories; my contact sheets are my photo albums.

So, does anyone think I would be better off with the 120mm lens? Would the only benefit be that I don't have to take the lens off to take off the extension tube when I want to switch from focusing close to focusing at infinity?

Honestly I'm happy with my current set-up, and really like only having one lens; I find the actual act of photography to be much more enjoyable and "meditative" when I'm not worrying about switching equipment. I don't mind the extension tube because I can store that in a pocket, but I'll be honest and say I don't like using the converter too much because I actually have to set my bag down to get to it; however, sometimes I find it to be worth it, and if the makro lens is the same then it might be something to consider. Most likely though, if I did get the Makro I would be selling the converter to help finance the lens (the converter a Vivitar converter, not the Mutar!)

Thank you for any advice,