Do you know what I am missing in my traditional darkroom?

The EDIT ---> UNDO key !

In my darkroon I must complete each mistake (and I make many of these mistakes) and learn from doing this. Somehow by going through the whole process I seem to learn more about photography than just the original mistake.

I do play now and then with the digital process. I try something quickly then EDIT ---> UNDO , try something else then EDIT ---> UNDO, and keep going until I either get bored or else "fluke onto" something that is interesting and perhaps a keeper.

Trouble is that most times I am not quite sure what I did to get the good results.

Oh well ... I can always EDIT ---> UNDO again on the computer tomorrow or another day when I am bored.

Now if you would excuse me ... I would like to go back to my darkroom and develop some negs I shot yesterday. I am excited about tweaking my N-1 times for these negs as I am pretty sure that from past experience that the "scene brightness ratio" was a bit high and I can hold my subtle highlights to a printable range with proper development.

I recall doing this very thing about a week ago with improved results, but not quite there yet.

Wish me luck. (though practical experience would tell me that it is not luck)

Kind Regards,