"And as long as people are out there that will pay $100 for a box of film, you can be sure that is what the manufacturers will be charging."

True, but there have to be enough people willing to pay. When they discontinued it, Super XX was about $75/box. Allowing for inflation, it would be well over $100 today in 1994 dollars. A lot of people were willing to pay for it then even at its exorbitant price and it's GONE. There weren't ENOUGH people willing to pay.

I sure hope this doesn't happen with Bergger film. Or Efke. Or Ilford, or Ektachrome for that matter. We all need to keep tabs on these films to make sure that we have available alternatives. They can disappear virtually overnight.

I think we're in pretty good shape on Azo, since M & P keep up a timely dialogue with Kodak. At least if that goes down the tubes we'll have enough advance notice to hoard lifetime supplies. Ditto Amidol. And pyro is used so extensively in the leather and textiles industries that it will always be around.

But film? I fear for its future. I wouldn't worry much about the price, William. Just be thankful that a film you like so much is plentiful.