The only time I experienced scratched negatives with Efke 8X10" was when I decided to try another method of shuffling the film in the developer (ABC as well). I remember it as if it were yesterday, when in fact, it was about a month ago...;-)
I tried taking the bottom sheet out and placing on top of the pile without flipping it over. I had read somewhere that very day, that the emulsion should always stay up (or down, I can't really remember) during the development in order to prevent scratches. I can still remeber the scratch happening. I pull the film from the bottom, and placed it on top and the bottom right corner of the sheet in my hand, came down on the (emulsion up) top sheet in the pile. I felt it happening and sure enough, there was indeed a scratch. Needless to say, now I use my old technique and pull the bottom sheet out from under the pile (while lifting the top sheets for clearence) and place it on top of the pile in a "flipping" motion.
I wear surgical gloves during the development and therefor have no qualms about leaving my hands in the soup for awhile, in order to insure safe passage from the bottom to the top of the pile.
I also don't develope more than 4 or 5 negs at a time, maybe 6 but that's the limit and doesn't happen all that often.