The plain Ikontas with Novars are relatively inexpensive -- less than $40 -- and when stopped down to f/8 or smaller should give you plenty of sharpness.

Othe possibilities include Agfas, although their weak spots are bellows and lens lubricant that has by now turned into cement.

The Voigtlanders are nice, although I'm not familiar enough with them to make an informed decision.

Now, regarding a Tessar lens. When clean and correctly collimated, it can hold its own with any modern day camera.

Some links (apologies to those who've already seen these). These are f/4.5 10.5cm Tessar lenses on each camera:

Ikonta, 1937

Anothe sample page, same Ikonta

7th Street Bridge, Super Ikonta, 1935

Parade barricades, Super Ikonta, 1935

The Ikonta cost me $50. The Super Ikonta, I think, was about three times that. Maybe slightly more.