If you can live without a coupled rangefinder, you can get some real bargains. I picked up a Bessa-I with a very nice coated Color Skopar lens in a Synchro-Compur shutter, completely CLA'd, for $125. Added a rangefinder that fits on the cold shoe for $15, and I ended up with a very nice 6x9 folder for $140. (I got mine from Jurgen Kreckel - a.k.a. Certo6. He does extremely nice work on these cameras, although the Bessas generally don't need new bellows. Plus, he stands behind his work...always a plus.)

If you can live with a smaller size than 6x9, there are some truly great bargains out there in 6x6.

The Fuji cameras are wonderful, but will stretch your budget further. I got the deal of a lifetime on a Fuji GA645Pro, but it still set me back $250. Generally those go for closer to $400. The images are gorgeous, but $400 is a lot of money for a pocketable medium format camera if you're not sure the format is right for you. But the Fuji lens is world's ahead of the older lenses for sharpness and for color work, so the cameras are definately worth investigating.

Elekm - By the way, thanks for the shot of the 7th Street Bridge...always nice to see good pictures of the home town!