As a mainly B&W film user I always am looking through the lens and the filter to see how the image I'm composing will look in B&W.I have noticed every so often that when looking through a filter(usually red)that the scene seems as though it would have an impact on color film,especially if shot through the color filter.Is this something worth exploring-or is it rather like color IR with only limited asthetic appeal?Has anyone tried this and liked the results and if so would you compose the image as you would for B&W as in reality you'd be dealing with tonality through a color scale?The question came into my mind yesterday when I was looking at a rose on a friends kitchen table and could somehow see the whole scene as a "red" image-I was also going under the assumption that anything black would also translate as black in the final image as well.So what am i looking at here idea wise;good,bad or just downright ugly?