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Hell, I just don't know if I want to go to the expense of building my home darkroom------perhaps I should just keep using the kitchen at night when all the rest of the world is asleep! My wife tends to tolerate the kitchen that way for about 4 days!-----It's extremely frustrating but maybe that is the safe move and I should just be happy with that.

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If you have the space for a darkroom, it is quite possible to design a room that works well for that purpose, but can also be functional for other purposes, if your needs change, or you are trying to attract buyers for a home.

A room with counters and cupboards can be, with the right sort of customization, used as a hobby room, a general work room, a great laundry room, or a kitchen. You just need to design your darkroom so that it can easily be converted to these other uses, if the need arises.

If you wish to keep things flexible, you probably want to avoid large, photography oriented sinks and plumbing. Trays can be put on table or counter tops and large kitchen or wash basin sinks can serve both photographic and other purposes.

Electrical wiring can be arranged with both darkroom usage and general purpose use in mind. I would avoid placing electrical outlets in the middle of walls - put them at normal room hights, and use power bars or extension cords where necessary.

Safelights that fit into regular light sockets are available - just be sure to have two sets of lights and switches - one for regular light, one for safelight.

You can even use free standing (i.e. removable) cupboards for storage and free standing tables for all your work surfaces, although it would be a good idea to have either a really heavy table or some sort of wall attachment for your enlarger.

Hope this assists.