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Hey guys!! Thanks very much for the questions and ideas !! I'm going to cruise the flea markets for a "cheapo" curtain shutter camera and take it apart just to see...

It occurs to me that, as indicated in one of the earlier posts, a medium format body might meet your needs.

You might try a Mamiya 645 Super body. They have the necessary mirror lock up and tend to sell quite inexpensively on Ebay and at KEH (there is a bargain grade one there now for $126.00 US). They also have both an electronically controlled shutter, and an electromagnetic shutter release (the release may be important, because finding a way to actually release the shutter when it is inside your view camera may be important ).

I have two Super bodies. When I get home later today, I'll make some measurements of the throat diameter, body depth, etc. and report back.