Until the beginning of this year, I felt the same. I stucked to the digital scanning, hoping the inkjet products to get better in quality. That was a big mistake because I'm a darkroom printer, not professionally trained, but I have enough experience to let go of the use of darkroom for my photogpraphs. And the more I thought about it, the more I wanted it back.

So, I built it in the winter time and started to print without having much control (temperature, running water, etc) in the environment at the time. I spent the spring to shop around, the summer to organize and re-organize the stuff, and now this fall to finally feel home for the most part. I've been doing everything DIY, always learning from every little mistake I make.

And my mind is so clear now. It's like marrying to someone, I imagine; if you love her from the bottom of your heart, you'll keep her and and do everything to save and protect her from all the trouble that gets in your way. Gosh, what am I talking about? But at least that's what I feel. Anyway, think this as your last chance because it may be if you're serious about photography and thinking about it. And don't worry about the supplies, they won't disappear so soon. Just learn to use them more efficently than before.

Good luck.