I'm glad to hear all the optimism, after talking with my wife, we will wait until our car is paid off before diverting funds to a darkroom project, about a year.

Have to admit, photography ebbs and flows in my life and most often regulated by cash flow (this guy doesn't own a credit card--those things can get a person in real trouble). So, during periods of inactivity (such as this summer when I was hit with a $1,200 plumbing bill), I tend to step away from it all; it drives me crazy to think about it without doing it! I'm not informed as most of you on product availability and issues affecting the future of things. So, when I climb back in it, there seems to always be this pervasive thought on the future of analog photography, and it gets me thinking to much I guess. It's good to know that there are people such as yourselves to get a another take on the big picture.


That is a curious thing to me about what the average hobbiest spends soley on film, chemicals, and paper on a yearly basis, equipment and accessories do not count, what does it cost in a year just to continue photographing, developing, and printing. Sounds like a good thread to start. Anybody who derives their primary income from photogaphy would not count in that average.