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Wow, John ... I have to say, that camera looks simple, but VERY nice. It's certinly much better than spending $60+ on a commercial one (which probably takes identical quality pictures). I'll have to grab some wood and try it.

Are you using premade pinholes or your own?
Thank you.

I should add that because you are using film, you NEED to be sure that the seal between the film holder and the camera body is light tight. With paper it's not quite so important as the speed is so low. Also, it does help in reducing internal reflections to either line the inside of the box with black felt or to paint it flat black (ask me how I know these things ).

As to the pinhole...I'm a tinkerer, so I had some 0.002" brass shim stock here. I also just happened to have a jewellers hand drill and some smaaaalll bits, so I drilled my own pinhole at a size of 0.020" (I think).

The next camera I make will be for 8"x??" for PlusXAero cut from a roll. It will be a very small pinhole and a long focal length and will have a radiused back so hopefully it will have no distortion of perspective amd should have a nice sharp image.