Just wanted to say a Big Thank You, to Lee. He indulged me with his company today, for an outing to do some photography. We made into Central Texas, around Perry to shoot some churches we had talked about. Aside from a couple of hours each way in the car we spent a good part of the day working the exterior and interior of a couple of nice old buildings. In between the lesson I learned from Lee were tremendous. 5 of the 8 sheets of film I exposed are drying at this moment (the other 3 are duplicates) and must say first look I will be very happy.

Why Thanks to Lee? Well a couple of these shoots were in the basement of one of the churches with nice light coming in through windows and had I been on my own, would have exposed what the meter said or at least not compensated for reciporsity nearly enough. Mentioned the readings to Lee and wondered out loud about the reciposity and Lee was there with his chart, adjusted the exposure and the negatives looks really nice. Now to print them in the morning.

Should also, mention the wife was not only kind enough to let me have the day off for the outing, but offered her car (which was much more comfortable) to boot.....I am one lucky guy....tired, but lucky.

Just wanted to share...there have been outings with David Brown, Jeremy Moore, Lee and scootermm in the past couple of months and ALL have been terrific, hope other APUG members do this, it sure does beat sitting around reading about photography (no offense guys, love this place...but getting out is STILL Much MORE FUN!!!!!)