What exactly do you want to know? Copal shutters are the only ones currently in production. Made in Japan I believe. I have a Rodenstock 240 mm lens in a Compur #3 that I think is German. Shutters that are Copal come in #0 #1 and #3. Most modern lenses will fit these holes. There is or was a good description at Steve Grimes web site about Copals and reshuttering and all the work it takes to get some of the older lenses into shutters. Then if that is not enough, there are Betas and Compur dials and some of them don't need to be cocked and might be labled #4 or #5. The numbers are about the hole sizes or the diameter of the screw threads.

In my opinion, I like the modern glass. Therefore, I like Copal shutters. Or modern shutters.
There are others that only like classic oldies. EAch to their own.