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I used two analog light meters (sekonic and gossen) but I found that they weren't very accurate. I can safely say that this isn't the case for all analog meters, but I wanted to buy a new meter that I could trust so I bought a Sekonic ... something... can't remember the numbers, but it was digital and about $160;
Whenever practical I prefer purely analog devices to digital, even to the extent of using a slide rule instead of an electronic calculator when slide rule accuracy is adequate. However, I don't think having a digital readout on a meter in any way compromises a pure approach to analog photography. I use a Sekonic L 308BII with my unmetered Leica rangefinders. Being farsighted, I use reading glasses for reading and the computer but not for photography. It is a strain to read some analog meters without glasses, but this digital Sekonic is not only extremely accurate but it's no problem making out the numbers in the readout.