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Just experimented with Pyrocat HD 3:3:600 ml dilution on Classic 200 rated at 200, for 6 mins and 12 mins. Result: barely discernible rendition of the scene. For all intensive purposes the scene, which had an SBR=9, did not develop. All I got was very close to clear film. Can anyone explain whether such dilutions are too weak or that my times were too short?
A dilution of 3:3:600 of Pyrocat-HD is not too weak but you will need very long develoment times. And you must be sure to start with enough developer for the film. I sometimes use stand development for 120 roll films such as FP4+ and TMAX 100 with a 2:2:400 dilution but development times are very long, up to 45-60 minutes. I use a minimum of 16 ounces of developer per roll of 120 film.

You have have also made a mistake in metering the scene but for sure your develoment times are way too short for this dilution.