Don't go to b&h, it's worse than apug. They have everything you've ever wanted and you'll spend all your money.
I've been there 2x and they've got a very unique way of doing business. You walk in and they take any bag you may be carrying. You can look at most items but they are cabled off to a shelf. For instance, i was looking for backpacks which they have a ton of but you can't try most of them on since they are connected to the bottom shelf. I asked them to remove the cable so i could put it on before i dropped $200 and they said no. Most items have to be put onto your "account" which is then printed out for you to give to a clerk at the end of your shopping session. You can't actually pick up your items and continue shopping. If you see something you want to add, then you must find another available clerk and get another printout at his computer. Your purchases then go into a basket moved on a conveyor system along the ceiling to the first guy that adds up your order. You finally pay someone and pick up your stuff. It's worth the trip just to shop their.
I've been told that the reason why they've got the best prices and the conveyor track system is because they are owned by a diamond mining company and B&H is how they move money around. Interesting.