My metering method: I use a 1 degree spot meter to measure the Exposure Values of those areas in the scene important to me. The lowest and highest EVs give the scene's SBR. In this particular case where the SBR = 9, the lowest EV value was 10 and the highest 14. I exposed at f. 45, 2 seconds (I would think that this is quite a reasonable amount of exposure). It was a very sunny day and the scene was a cluster of trees in a dense forest. It is that time of the year when I am inspired to take bright sky scenes together with deep shadowy tree formations.

It seems that I have been encountering wide SBRs of late. Over the last month or so I have typically been developing negatives with SBRs of 9 and 10. Twice I have tried a negative with an SBR of 11 and 13. Maybe I measure the scene overzealously while at the same time overestimating the exposure range capabilities of the film.

As regards the extreme dilution, I was just curious as to how effective or potent PYROCAT HD would still be (target negative = silver printing). I am quite happy with the 1:1:100 and 2:2:100 dilutions, which are quite economically already. Just pushing the envelope even further on such a versatile developer.