As I see it (and I haven't tried the H or own the V system)...
I think they made a grave mistake by not keeping the 6x6 format and by not offering a mix of euro and asian glass.

The first because the square is part of what defines Hassy and has advantages in handling etc. The second because the glass is a larger part of what defines the company (even if the fuji glass is better or equal it would be an up hill battle to convince most trad. hassy owners). The other aspect that gives hassy its reputation is the the quality of their cameras' mechanical functions. It would be hard to replicate, in an AF camera, the feel of a mechanical one. For this reason I think they could be forgiven if the H1,2,2d, etc lacked the feel of the 50x's.

Instead they made a camera that is, albeit at a high level, essentially a generic 645 AF. It appears, if only on the surface, that the H does not justify the price when compared to the Mamiya, Bronica or Contax 645 AFs.

The omission of the 6x6 and the initial omission of legacy glass were two hard strikes against them. The comment that in the future the H will have a 'look' strikes me as a cynical marketing ploy. As if to say: "If we can't make it special we'll make it look special."

In any event, I have no dog in this race. I love the feel of the mechanical cameras, but would rather use a RF for hand held shots and a LF for tripod work. The glass is the one thing I find unique and compelling about Hassy's, but not compelling enough to make the plunge. The one exception is the SWC, which I plan to own one day.