Living outside of the USA has often made we wonder about the different films and such that you folks can easily purchase. I realize that I also may have the film sent across the border but with the shipping and other related costs have so far caused me to be hesitant.

As such I am now considering purchasing some J&C Classic 200 or perhaps Bergger BPF film. If I find myself liking this film as a potential replacement for HP5 Plus or my Tri-X I would then probably want to create a large order and freeze the majority of the film.

My question is "Does anybody know for certain that film such as this kept frozen will remain fresh for a year or two without having an increase in the base+fog values?"

I have measured short dated film with fresh HP5 Plus film and have noticed a slight increase in the base+fog values. With this knowledge I am somewhat reluctant to buy a large order of film and freeze it.

Your knowledge, opinions and experience are most welcome.

Kind Regards,