Thnaks DK, now this is more like it should be. Anybody interested in reading about the stability of pigments and dyes should read the article. Very informative and much more complete than the Wilhelm tests. The only objections I had was the humidity chosen, and of course the lack of projection to their results.

a constant 50% RH can only be found in very few places, I live in a semi desertic zone and I know the RH in my house is in between 60 and 70%. Places like Arizona, Utha, or New Mexico might have at given times a 50% humidity but rarely is it constant.

OTOH I was glad to see that someone finally addressed the problem of pollutants and the effect of free radicals.

I would have liked to see how they plan on making projection predictions out of the data they obtained.

Most gratifying is the fact that their data conforms to the anecdotal data reported by people, ei, dyes fade faster than pigments, pigments also fade albeit at a slower rate, environmental pollutants have a significant effect on fading and color reproduction, specially in the "neutral" tones is rarely neutral thus affecting the color response and fading qualities.

Very good paper DK, thanks again.