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I have rotary processed hundred of negatives in a Jobo with constant rotation and they turned out perfectly. Also, Lex and I have agreed to disagree on 100TMX in Diafine. I like it. I also have to disagree with Lee, I don't think that the result are THAT grainy. Granted this stuff isn't Microdol-X, but Rodinal it isn't either. What else could let you shoot Tri-X at 1250-1600 and look like it was shot at 400?
I too have processed an awful lot of 100TMX in a rotary (Unidrum) processor using Diafine with excellent results. I generally just shoot at the rated ISO of 100 rather than 160 or whatever is recommended. Nothing wrong with a little more shadow detail and it is almost impossible to blow out the highlights with Diafine.

Since I shoot mostly 4x5 grain isn't much of an issue but with Diafine it seems no worse than D76 1:1 when using 100TMX or APX100.