Hello, and thanks for your responses. The film that I have been using is HP5+. It sounds like you are saying that I have to be real careful when I mix my chemicals. I have always thought that if a little is good then a little bit more can only be better. I have really had to restrain myself with this stuff. Having thoroughly flunked college chemistry many years ago, I was wondering about the grades. If one is crystal and one is powder then it looks like the powder could absorb more water and then be less potent per weight??? Of course, they both look like powder to me.
As far as streaking goes, I don't really know for sure. I have had some of this but I was passing it off as bad technique or other mistakes, mainly because I was using what I thought was a large volume. Depending on the amount of film, anywhere from 2500ml to 4000ml.
At one point I thought that I had too much sol. C and so I reduced it for a couple of sheets and they turned out flat, but still as thick as kevlar.
When I first started with ABC pyro I didn't really do any formal testing. I just sorta started using it to get a feel for it. (I know what you're thinking,"that sure is a powerful tool to be in the hands of a moron") The first couple of sheets that I processed were thick enough to require me to hold a 300 watt Reflector Flood about twelve inches above the film for at least 60 seconds to get a decent amount of density in the print.
Things have improved somewhat and I will soon be out of HP5+ and will be using BPF200.