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The B806 rapid power supplies and the sunlight master slow charger as they call it. These are used with large capacitor that weigh about 50 lbs a piece, and the heads are; one the sun gun as the called it and a A803 or 800 series light head.
Oh, you are bringing back memories. I don't know the answer to your question but in case people are wondering what these are like, I can share some anecdotes.

I worked with a guy and we did mostly hot lights (Mole Richardson's). I worked there for the longest time and didn't pay much attention to the rear wall that was covered with muslin like material. One day, I came in and he said that he had a commission to shoot a portrait but he needed strobes. I was wondering "hmm, okay, I guess I'm going to Lens and Repro and be a pack mule and rent some Speedotrons". He proceded to unveil literally the entire back wall and these were Ascor powerpacks. Wiring everywhere but neatly stacked up. We powered them up and I KID-YOU-NOT, these things can power a small submarine! They made a serious vibration on the floor and when we fired them, it sounded like artillary. I was pretty scared shitless cause at first, they look like it can explode any minute. After working with them for a while, my mind changed and I said these were built like a tank! Needless to say, the packs stay where they were and as I recall, we ran wire to and from them. They were just way to heavy to move and he had a whole bunch of them. And I thought to myself, this guy is pretty cool, I didn't even know he can use strobes, he was a master at painting with hot lights. He was an older guy and he said "Ascors are the best strobes you can get son (he called me son cause I was young once)".

Good luck on you search. I would start asking around some of the older photographers in NYC and perhaps some studios in Hollywood probably has knows where to get them.