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I'm open for anything but would recommend breaking the group up into smaller groups of perhaps 4-5 persons so that we don't all have to send out 12-15 prints. That way the list can be open ended until cutoff date when the groups are randomly chosen.

Also, we will at some point need to specify exactly what meets the criteria for alt process prints. I don't like to exclude anybody but at some point we will lose the whole purpose of the exchange if everything from lith prints to Azo prints to enlargements made with a nylon stockings under the lens are included. I would personally like to include POP as the one gentleman was inquiring but we would need to all be in agreement.

Here's a list of which processes I would think should be included.

Gum Bichromate
Van Dyke/Kallitype
Salt prints

And if we have some crazy people out there:

Copper prints
Uranium prints
yes - crazy....

what about - oilprint.
and I have a question: Photogravure.. what DO you mean?

I do photopolymer gravures - a danish version of the old copper gravures..

I'll join, if any are interested.