If you're holding a 300 watt lamp that close to the printing frame then your negatives are too dense. Way, way too dense. No error in film rating or agitation procedure could account for such a difference. The densest negative I have gets 25 seconds on Grade 2 Azo with the lamp 3.5' away. Since the intensity of the light falls off proportionally to the square of the distance, just moving the lamp from 1' away to 3.5' away is equivalent to about 3.5 f-stops. Then you're giving it at least double my maximum. That's another stop. So you're at least 4 stops denser than my most bulletproof, contrasty negative. That's assuming that you're getting a good black at 60 seconds.

Have you developed any with the pyro you got from Mike? I bet that will solve your problem. Are you mixing it according to Michael Smith's instructions?