yeah--but one problem would be figuring out what that environment would be, since it would be something different all over the world. I read some posts on this conservation list some folks are on where I work--the ANSI/ISO group was splitting up into sub-groups to study the variables of deterioration in inkjets-. Apparently the standards group had to first come up with a standard test--that could be applied evenly around the world--and they acknowledged all sorts of problems with this.

I haven't followed this much some ways, I'm resigned to it and don't care 100% since I don't sell inkjets to anyone. We don't even have a printer in our photo dept. We send the files out for Frontier prints or Lightjets. I have a fair idea of how long a c-print will last.....

Try the Preservation Calculator. you punch in the temp & rh of the room (or whatever the area where you store your negs)--and it gives you an estimate of the lifespan--until acetate film base would begin to fail. On the software version, there's a help guide that explains all sorts of concepts in deterioration and other factors like mold germination etc, and how you could extrapolate the data for organic materials in general. It's worth having a look at--and is a good tool in learning about how temp & rh play a role in all this. A real world example of this is the "stored alive" interactive on that climate notebook link above.


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