If you are going to take a good shutter apart I would advise having SK Grimes address handy. I have read many posts on LF forums about mechanically gifted LF photographers who thought they could tackle disassembling and CLA a shutter, only to end up sending all the pieces to the folks at Grimes to be reassembled.

However, if you have an old or broken shutter around, it is kind of interesting to take one apart just to see how they are put together and work.

Sk Grimes and Jim Galvin can adapt most any modern barrel lens (1930+) into a shutter.This mostly relates to people who purchase an older lens like a Goerz, Ektar, or process lens and want to use a new shutter, usually a Copal. It just takes money. Because of the machining and adapters required to make the proper fit it may cost as much to fit the lens as the lens itself cost. In 4x5 it seems to me to almost always make more sense to buy a new or relatively new lens in shutter.