Here's Kodak's positive statement about its b/w analog products:

No one helps you achieve your artistic vision like Kodak. Thatís why great shooters have insisted upon KODAK PROFESSIONAL Black-and-White Films for decades. Our full range of black-and-white film lets you add power, subtlety, mystery, or reality to your photography and achieve your own distinctive look. After all, you have a special passion for your art, and Kodak is committed to supporting it. See for yourself by experimenting with our films today."

I particularly like the sentence towards the end that says "After all, you have a special passion for your art, and Kodak is committed to supporting it."

Kodak has redesigned its film packaging and is asking photographers to "experiment with our films today". It would be pretty surprising considering the company's current efforts for Kodak to announce a half-a-year from now that they were going to stop making b/w film. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm not going to quit buying Kodak films just because they no longer make b/w paper. The truth is I (and legions of other photographers) never printed with Kodak b/w paper anyway which is probably a big reason it's not being made anymore.
I would hate to lose 4x5" TXP 320 (in particular) along with Plus X, and T-Max just because a number of photographers got angry for Kodak's discontinuing a product that they probably never used anyway.

I think it would be great if everyone could go to the Kodak site and read the above quote for themselves and then write Kodak a nice note thanking them for their commitment to support traditional b/w analog photography.
If enough of us write in, Kodak will be reminded that we have taken their statement gladly, seriously, and gratefully. Let's do all we can to encourage Kodak to honor the pledge it has made.

Here's another quote from Kodak:

ON THE FUTURE OF FILM." Itís a wonderful time to be a photographer, with so many available options to express each individualís artistic viewpoint. To that end, Kodak will continue to celebrate, promote, and perfect our portfolio of film, so each and every photographer who chooses KODAK Film can capture all the wonderful moments of the world we live in, beautifully."

Could it be that we are needlessly falling victim to the force of FEAR? As in:
F alse
E vidence
A ppearing
R eal