I believe you're mistaking advertizing for some sort of binding commitment.

Here are the products from Kodak that I used consistently: Panatomic-X, Kodachrome 25 (before they lowered silver content in 1979), Verichrome Pan, Ektar 25 and Royal Gold 25, PMJ, B&W papers including Medalist, Kodacolor II.

I also used to use Kodak processing for K-14 and E-6, but the change to Qualex and the subsequent quality control issues in the mid 80's sent me searching elsewhere for decent labs. Their customer support was the epitome of bad public relations, and even sending the Kodak QC people back into the labs didn't improve things.

Actions, and availability of the products you like and use, speak louder than words on a web page. Have you seen those words about B&W in print, where it costs them something to make that commitment?

Kodak doesn't currently make many products that I prefer over competitors' products. I still buy an occasional roll of Elite Chrome 200 for astrophotography, but not nearly enough to keep it in production. Maybe I'll try some of their other E-6 film now that Velvia RVP is gone, if I can keep track of the variants and frequent formulation changes.

I'm not just a die-hard who's stuck in the past. I jumped from silver-depleted Kodachrome 25 to Velvia in a heartbeat for my nature shooting. The fact is that Kodak keeps changing the character of their available products in ways that I don't like. It's been a very long time since they introduced a new product that I liked that stayed on the market for more than 24 to 36 months.