Well I use RC paper for 99.9% of my work.

This came about through printing around 300 different B&W prints a day. All sized to an advertising layout. This changed in the late seventies to colour reversal prints from mostly 120 trannies. These prints were then pasted up by the graphic artists for reproduction shooting of each page for catalogue work.

Pretty hard and demanding, the EM10 enlarging meter is a Godsend for this kind of printing.

From there I progressed to larger stuff, sometimes mural work.

Basically, though the printing sessions were intense and although we pushed out mountains of work, quality was always an issue as the catalogues were perused by all of the industry.

This meant that my own darkroom ended being set up like my work, with a print dryer, which will take B&W paper, colour negative paper EP2 & RA4, Lith film and Duratrans. Not cibachrome, or any other plastic based colour emulsion though.

Last weekend I printed about 40 8x10" B&W prints. Tomorrow I have to do some RA4 8x10" and 12x16" prints of a motorcycle.

This amount of work going through means that when I do fibre prints, relatively speaking, I come to a standstill. I do appreciate the difference between RC & fibre based prints but I'm so used to pushing through prints and I'm not ready to slow down, yet.

I also understand quality versus quantity, believe it or not!