I have to echo Lee L on this issue. I've used Kodak products in the past but their corporate decisions to discontinue things I like got tiresome a few years ago. I started tapering off the Kodak brand and trying alternatives. The last Kodak film I loved was Tri-X but for some time now I've liked Ilford HP5+ even more. I haven't liked Kodak papers since they discontinued Medalist and Kodabromide but Ilford, Forte, Oriental and Bergger are all remarkably good choices.

I'm still using Kodak B&W chemicals because they are readily available locally but I expect that will change soon. Looking at the stocking dates on what's in the local stores, just about everything has been on the shelves for over a year. They don't move the stuff fast enough to keep fresh chemicals in stock. That's one of the signs that B&W has become a niche market that's not profitable for the major league. Thank God for the minor league with internet ordering.

Before traditional photography ever reached its current state of upheaval, Kodak had the reputation of dropping product lines to maximize profits overall. If someone else likes what Eastman Kodak currently makes and sells, my warning is "don't expect it to be there tomorrow".