I will admit to having 2 photographic products in this house with yellow labels - Rapid Selenium Toner and Farmers Reducer. As soon as I find good substitutes they'll be gone and I'll be completely "Yellow Free." I don't really have a lot of faith that they will be available for much longer anyway. "Why don't you just buy a digital camera" indeed. With Agfa's current situation, I guess that makes me an Ilford guy all round. I do have 10 bottles of Rodinal on the way, though, so that should last me a little while before I have to start experimenting with R-09 or just stick with ID-11 and DDX.

As far as Kodak's web advertising goes - I call Bulls***! They'll say anything they can to keep moving product until they get it wound down and eliminated.

As far as people here reacting out of fear, I'll direct you to the old saying that "Customers will vote with thier feet." I see a lot of feet here voting by marching right over to the Fuji and Ilford (and other) products. And I don't believe it has anything to do with fear, it has to do with supporting the company that DEMONSTRATES that it supports you. Not the one that says it does while acting to the contrary.

Just my 2 lux worth.