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yeah--but one problem would be figuring out what that environment would be, since it would be something different all over the world.
I agree, that is why I have never put too much faith in accelerated tests, but from the commercial point of view you would think they would want to say use the conditions found in 4 points in the US, high humidity/high temp, low humidity/high temp, etc, etc and try to make some sort of more realistisc test for "collectors" instead of museums.

I am not talking about ANSI, ISO or ASA standards, that is different and I am sure very useful to a person like you who works in a museum and has the resources to mantain a specific environment.

Ah well, in the end who cares? I dont buy ink jet prints and never will.....I suppose caveat emptor is in order in this case. But I did find the article very useful and instructing.