My tendency is to leave emotion out of my purchasing decisions (for photographic as well as other products). I realize that I cannot punish Kodak for making business decisions that it deems necessary. Moreover, if every member of APUG decided to boycott Kodak, my instincts say that it would not impact the company's sales or overall profitability. To the extent that Kodak sells products that I use and enjoy, I will buy them. If other companies offer products more to my liking, I will buy those.

In my time in photography, I have not found a better film then TRI-X that suits my tastes and style of photography. When Kodak announced the discontinuance of the "old" Tri-X, I purchased several hundred rolls. I will also continue using HC-110 because I like it in combination with Tri-X. If Kodak announces a discontinuance of that product, I will buy several cases to be used until I find something else. These decisions are correct for me because I spent a lot of hard work testing and calibrating these products. I don't want to do this with other products unless I really am forced to do so.

I haven't used Kodak papers in 20 years because I like Ilford and Oriental much better. I use Fuji Velvia because I prefer it over anything that Kodak manufactures.

I believe that you do your photography and live your life as best as you can without emoting over things you cannot control. It amazes me how we just continute to whine on about Kodak's business decisions. And, of course everyone here has a friend who knows exactly what happened/what's going to happen about the company. Kodak, like to many other American Corporations is going through a transition. Their managment and stockholders will decide what the company will be. None of us can control that. Kodak has always been a business that has been driven by consumer purchasing. Addressing the consumer market is what made George Eastman one of the wealthiest men of his time. It also made Kodak an industry giant. I suspect that consumer buying patterns will be the primary driver for their future fundamental decisons. The professional and advanced amateur market will be only a "boutique business" for Kodak and the rest of the photographic business. Or, maybe some other entreprenuer will be willing to invest in this portion of the market and make a go of it. It won't happen unless that investor can make a good profit. I know that many of our members don't like to see companies make large profits. Notwithstanding that, it is the only reason for an entreprenuer to invest.

Frankly, I think that one of the best cars that were ever made was the 1993-1995 Acura Legend... Guess what? Honda changed the body style and the engine configuration as well as other things that I don't like about the new Acura. So, I pouted for about 5 minutes and then purchased another car from another manufacturer.

Such is the essence of life....