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I am strongly considering making a road trip through the southern gulf coast region. Considering photography of both landscape and architecture, what cities/regions would those who live/have traveled there recommend?

Does New Orleans have any restrictions on the use of tripods? What other cities would have restrictions in that region (southern Texas, La, Mi, Ga, Fla)?

Thanks for any information.
A couple of shots I missed last month traveling from NY to Austin Tx:

In Ga, Miss and La they have a vine that is locally called the vine that ate the South. I think its name is something like Kudzoo. At any rate, it covers EVERYTHING, and I mean it covers. It covers 40ft trees completely and a whole row of them, like a blanket of snow. It makes a beautiful scene that I realized I had no idea how to photograph it. It gives a very sensual appearance and you feel it is undulating when it's not even moving in the wind. In b/w I felt I could not capture the feelings it gives and in color, well, I felt it was a waste of a good scene.

We then drove to Beaumont/Port Arthur (Home of Janice Joplin) Tx where I wanted to photograph the oil fields in Pt. Arthur. I parked the car on the side of the road and the skys started darkening over the Gulf and a huge downpour started that got worse and worse. Rattling thunder and tremendous bolts of lightening We had to leave without the shot.

Perhaps you will get them.