Hi all, I'm Valerie, an amateur photog in Huntsville, AL. I have been lurking on apug for a few months, but this is my first post, seeking opinions on Nikon F bodies...

I am considering either a used F4s or a used F5. I have purchased Nikon AF lenses(50mm/1.8 & 24mm/2.8) for the body & was dead set on getting the F4s until someone offered me a deal on an F5. Now I'm not sure which is better. All the research has my head spinning. So I come to the wonderful APUG community for opinions on either body.

My decisions for choosing the F4s were based on the fact that I could afford lower priced, better quality MF lenses over AF lenses. While I'm sure I want most of my cash(ha, ha) to go into fast glass, I do need a sturdy dependable body & all the research says both bodies provide this with the F5 being significantly heavier than the F4.

So...do you have any thoughts on either body?