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Rapidoprint is a unique negative acting reprographic system featuring high speed processing (dry to dry in 75 seconds), excellent image quality and low chemistry consumption.

The Rapidoprint system requires itís own dedicated processor, the DD3700 or DD6400, which has a four-bath process of activator-fixer-wash-wash. Unfortunately these processors are no longer manufactured but can still be easily acquired through the second hand market and the films and chemistry are readily available. The processors require no plumbing or drainage connection.

Rapidoprint films can be exposed in a contact frame with incandescent light or in the negative holder of a repro camera. It is ideal for line art or halftone reproduction from black and white photographs.

The two films available are RA711p and RA716pm, the later being a matt based film for photopolymer or flexographic plates. Both films are available in a variety of sheet and roll sizes for convenience.

A special, dedicated chemistry is required for the development of Rapidoprint film.