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I swear I fainted when I read this question! An APUGer who doesn't know why he needs more cameras needs to seek professional help right away!

Hmmm. Until I read your post, I thought I had at least as many cameras as I needed. Two Graphics, two Nikons, two Beaulieu S8 cameras, and too many: Canon S8 cameras, Eumig Nautica, Retinas, 120 film pocketable folders, ... And I seem to have more lenses than I need too.

Are you sure I need help? I just took my mental temperature, and the reading is "sell the rest of the 'excess to needs' equipment".

I mean, I have more cameras than I can carry, let alone use. I've checked with my doctor. He says I don't have Galli's Disease or Tjugen's Syndrome.