Thanks everyone for your comments & the warm welcome wishes.

Joey, <----Check it out I became a subscriber!!! Long live APUG!!!
I currently shoot Minolta also Maxxum 5, STSi, 400si and occasionally I use a Yashica G that belonged to my dad. I am definitely a film girl! I love it!! I recently started doing my own b&w developing as well so now I'm really hooked. Next comes printing...

Diane & Morten thanks for the opinions on the F5. I'm still weighing my options & there is a photog expo this weekend that I will attend to check out prices.

Wayne, after researching other bodies, I think either the F4/5 has the features & options I need/want from Nikon. I do want to shoot MF one day though too. I have a Holga, but have only shot a couple of 120 rolls so far. Would really love a Pentax 645 or Mamiya, but alas, my finances aren't always kind enough to let me play with my passion exclusively.