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Hmm, if that is so, why then did you bid on the Boyer Beryl a couple of days ago, which, incidentally, is soon to travel northwards to Holland...
Fair question.

It is a tiny little lens, won't break my back. That's why I carry a 4.75"/7.7 Aldis Uno as well as a 127/4.7 Tominon (or 135/5.6 Symmar if it wins the shootout). Also why I carry a 6"/9 Cooke Copying Lens as well as a 160/5.6 Pro Raptar. And of course the Uno and 6" Cooke shoot very well.

It fills the monstrous gap between 80 mm and 100 mm. And I don't have another 90.

Boyer made some fine lenses. I'm very happy with my two Apo Saphirs and my dagor type 210/7.7.

If I had won the auction, the price would have been right. You won it, I gather, and paid more than the lens is worth to me.

So, are you going to mount the Beryl on a pocketable 6x9 folder?