Thanks William for your suggestion regarding customer registration and online ordering, automated confirmation.... Indeed this is a must, and would make the software unique. I will mark this as a high priority feature.

Many people complained about the hassle around the installation. The first release had no self installer because there were too many components to be installed and configured and the implementation of the installer would have taken as much time as the implementation of the whole software.

There are two solutions to come around the installation.
The first is to write the installer, for each platform independently.
The second is to sell a completely configured box (the size of a gamecube) with dual mirrored harddisks to prevent data loss in case of hdd failure, which connets to any computer (pc mac or unix workstation) via an ethernet link. All the user has to do is to plug the box to its home computer, and access it via her/his prefered browser.

The first solution is definitely cheaper but takes a lot of time and effort. The second solution would be more reliable and robust. Nobody wants to loose all his data because of a hard drive failure. However for the second solution a Customer Care Center has to be set up to deal with warranties, replari services and complaints ... and this would take a lot of money I don't have.

Anyway I am working now on the installer, at least for linux, and later on for windows. I hope to get some windows people involved to support me in this.